For the first time this past weekend, we visited an arcade bar in Milwaukee called 1983. I have to admit, I really dorked out here. We’ve been talking about hitting this place up for months, so we finally made it happen and it was was awesome! 1983 features a bunch of classics like Pacman (and Ms. Pacman, to be politically correct), Burger Time, Track and Field, and Joust, along with some of the more popular games of my childhood in WWF, NBA Jam, Blitz, Cruisin USA, Terminator, and X-men, then three or four pinball machines in case that’s your jam. If you’re looking for a little escape to the nostalgic times of your youth, I’d recommend giving 1983 a visit.

While we were at 1983, I thought it would be fun to grab a couple beers for a duel. The menu offers a decent amount of craft beer including a handful of IPAs, Pale Ales, Porters and Stouts. We settled on Epic Brewing’s Sour IPA and Founders Brewing’s All Day IPA. Admittedly, I haven’t tried a Sour IPA before, so I thought the Epic would be interesting. This would fit into either the Sour or IPA categories. As for the All Day IPA, I was looking forward to trying a few more things from Founders after raving about their KBS recently. So let’s see how it shook out.

HopDuel Survey

Better labelEpic Brewing Sour IPA
Better aromaFounders Brewing All Day IPA
Better tasteEpic Brewing Sour IPA
Better finishFounders Brewing All Day IPA
WinnerFounders Brewing All Day IPA

Tell us about it

These were a couple of easy-drinking IPAs that turned out to be perfect for the start of our afternoon. Sessionable and light, they won’t weigh you down if you’re planning to be on the move. That said, I didn’t really find either beer to be exceptional in any way. I suppose that’s the crux with a sessionable IPA; the hops, bitterness and experimental flavors aren’t as strong in something that’s designed to be enjoyed over the course of several hours. They served their purpose, but I can’t imagine either ranking very high in the longterm.

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