We thought it would be fun to head down to the Fiserv Forum’s Entertainment Plaza to have a couple beers and watch the Bucks game this past weekend. If you aren’t familiar with the Plaza, here’s an article about it from OnMilwaukee. Basically, it’s a series of bars with plenty to eat, drink and entertain your group while watching some sports or waiting for your concert to get started at the Fiserv Forum.

One of the featured businesses in the Plaza is Good City Brewing. Good City also has another location in Milwaukee on Farwell Avenue, and I’ve visited that location a number of times in the past for dinner and beer. The Forum location is a pretty cool setting; a large bar with about a dozen taps for their beer sampling, community tables to accommodate big groups, and a wide open space upstairs for parties that features a balcony if the weather allows for outdoor entertainment. For the duel, I was able to pair up a couple of Porters in their Smoked Baltic and Detail. I’ve had the Detail before, it’s one of their staple beers, but the Smoked Baltic intrigued me a bit more because a smoky flavor is almost always appealing to my taste buds.

HopDuel Survey

Better labelDetail Porter
Better aromaSmoked Baltic Porter
Better tasteDetail Porter
Better finishSmoked Baltic Porter
WinnerSmoked Baltic Porter

Tell us about it

Of the two beers, the Smoked Baltic Porter stood out more, but admittedly, I wasn’t in love with either of these. The smokiness didn’t overwhelm me, just a subtly there aspect of the beer. Overall it was a solid, smooth drinking Porter, just not something I’m going out on a limb to tell others they have to try. The Detail promised notes of coffee, chocolate and well-balanced roasted malts. I found it to be a little watered down and really lacking in flavor. Not to trash Good City overall here, they do have some quality beer, but these two Porters didn’t do much for me.

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