While out and about this past Saturday, we decided to take a walk over to the Riverwest neighborhood of Milwaukee and visit Company Brewing. This was my first experience at their bar/restaurant, and I was very impressed. The decor at Company leans custom restored industrial, with wood flooring cleverly installed on the walls in a herringbone pattern with increasing gaps between boards as they rise to the ceiling. More wood flooring rises behind the bar and begins to curve out toward the dining room, with well-placed recessed lighting setting the tone in the bar area. Behind the bar there’s an endless line of taps, with monitors above describing what’s available that evening. We were slightly disappointed to hear there was no live music that night, but we didn’t check ahead of time, so that’s on us. Here’s a look at what was on top when we visited:

For my first flight, I tried four beers off the menu that looked interesting to me. Then, after speaking with our waitress about her favorites, I felt compelled to try another three beers in a second flight. Here’s how it went:

Brewery Flight

1. Which beers did you try in the flight?

  • Space Whistle Mosaic IPA
  • 1457 Scottish Heavy
  • Franziska Munich Dunkel
  • Hop-Sided IPA
  • Zagora Major Belgian Style Tripel
  • Sir Demands-A-Lot Brut IPA
  • Milwaukee Day Lager

2. Which beer had the best aroma?

Franziska Munich Dunkel

3. Which beer works best with your taste palate?

Zagora Major Belgian Style Tripel

4. Which beer has the best finishing flavor?

Sir Demands-A-Lot Brut IPA

5. Rank the beers one (liked most) through five.

  1. Sir Demands-A-Lot Brut IPA
  2. Zagora Major Belgian Style Tripel
  3. Franziska Munich Dunkel
  4. Space Whistle Mosaic IPA
  5. Hop-Sided IPA
  6. Milwaukee Day Lager
  7. 457 Scottish Heavy

Tell us about it

I really enjoyed the majority of the beer I had at Company. The Sir Demands-A-Lot Brut IPA, Zagora Major Belgian Style Tripel and the Franziska Munich Dunkel really stood out to me, and I’d like to get each in a traditional duel soon. The only cans I could see were a couple behind the bar, but the artistry on them looked pretty awesome. The one beer I was disappointed with was the Scottish Heavy, who’s name is still a little confusing to me. I assumed it would be a full-bodied scotch ale but it was very light in body with hardly any flavor. Disappointment in the Scottish Heavy aside, I’d definitely give all the others another try.

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