HopDuel has always, and will always, pledge 25% of all profit from sales of these items to help fight cancer. Because f#ck cancer.

Right now we’re working with zazzle.com to get our store up and running. After the bean counters work their magic, we’ll have branded t-shirts, pint glasses, hoodies, mugs, hats and other items available for purchase.

Despite warnings from said bean counters, we’d like to reiterate that 25% of all sales from these items goes directly to cancer research charities. It seems like every person on the planet has either dealt with or knows someone who’s dealing with this evil bastard, and we’ve made it a goal to help support research that will bring it to an end. There’s some very exciting research happening in this field right now, and as we choose partners we’ll update you on their findings so you know exactly how these donations are being used.

Until then, stay tuned.