Stone IPA vs. Victory HopDevil

Currently up for vote is a battle of classic IPA’s, Stone Brewing’s IPA and Victory Brewing’s HopDevil. Voting is live right now, click the twitter link below to let your voice be heard!

Old Rasputin vs. Expedition

This poll focused on two Russian Imperial Stouts, North Coast Brewing Co.’s Old Rasputin and Bell’s Expedition. After going back and forth over the duration of the poll, Old Rasputin narrowly edged out Expedition 52-48%.

Double Dog vs. Maximus

This poll featured a pair of Double IPA’s, Lagunitas’ Maximus and Flying Dog’s Double Dog. The voting went back and forth over the life of the poll, but in the end, Double Dog came away with the win. Our official writeup can be found here. Congrats to Flying Dog Brewery on crafting a truly excellent DIPA!

Miller Lite, Bud Light, or Craft Beer during football?

We’ve asked our followers what kind of beer they drink during NFL Sundays, and the results seem obvious. Long live craft beer!

Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA vs. Bell’s Two Hearted Ale

This was a fun poll for National IPA day! Great debates formed around these two fan favorites. Click the link to see more!

Boulevard Tank 7 vs. Ommegang Hennepin Saison Ale

A great duel featuring a pair of saisons that are very well respected amongst craft beer fans, Boulevard Brewing’s Tank 7 and Ommegang Brewing’s Hennepin. Click the twitter link below to read through the discussion!

Cigar City Jai Alai IPA vs. Avery IPA

We did not see this coming. Despite a huge following and close to national distribution footprint, Avery Brewing was destroyed in the voting by Cigary City Brewing. It’s safe to say the Jai Alai is going to be a strong option in the category moving forward!

Terrapin Watermelon Gose vs. Founders Green Zebra

Congrats to Founders for coming out ahead in this one. Terrapin made a nice run to keep it close, but a late surge by the Founders faithful put them over the top with 61% of the vote. I was surprised by the number of people that didn’t like the gose style. As mentioned in my writeup of the duel, the style itself has been around for the better part of 800 years. The hot takes suggesting this is a trendy style that won’t last are simply ignoring the beers history. As we like to suggest about most beers, try it once and decide for yourself whether it suits your palate. There’s no shame in enjoying something that tastes good to you!

Bell’s Official vs. New Belgium Voodoo Ranger

This duel was awesome! We sided with Bell’s Official, and it looks like the majority of members of our twitter group agreed. After 102 official votes, 57% sided with Bell’s Official. Judging by the comments, many fans of these beers were big supporters. Personally, I had a really hard time with this one and felt like it could have gone either way for me. A big thanks to everyone who participated in the poll, including Bell’s and New Belgium who chimed in with some hilarious tweets! I’m looking forward to seeing a each of these Brewers in more duels down the line!