A shandy makes me nostalgic for summers after the end of school. My friends and I would roll out a picnic blanket or sit in the grass to enjoy a Leine’s Summer Shandy, reveling the end of final exams knowing that there would be no more studying until the next semester. To this day, I have a happy feeling when I have a shandy.

It’s exciting to me that brewers are adding more fruit flavors and giving me more tastes of summer in every sip. Both of these caught my eye because of the additional fruit flavors, and I couldn’t wait to give my brain a taste of summer in the chilly weather.

HopDuel Survey

Better labelSoft Parade Shandy
Better aromaBlueberry Lemonade Shandy
Better tasteSoft Parade Shandy
Better finishSoft Parade Shandy
WinnerSoft Parade Shandy

Tell us about it

If I had drank either of these beers without having tried the other, I would have been very satisfied. Both are refreshing, flavorful, and enjoyable to drink. I usually find blueberry a difficult flavor to appreciate and enjoy in beer, but the Blueberry Lemonade Shandy had a subtle flavor during and after drinking this beer. That being said, the Soft Parade Shandy is delicious with bolder tastes and a smoother finish. It was like drinking a fruit juice, and I wanted to keep drinking more. I’m glad I didn’t wait til summer to Shandy!

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