It’s been far too long (like a week) since I had a sour ale, so it’s safe to say I had a serious hankerin’ to get my sour on. While walking the beer aisle, my mouth nearly dropped when I saw the Lime Gose Sour Ale from Boulevard. I’ve raved about pretty much everything from Boulevard on this site, so anyone that’s been reading my stuff probably knows I couldn’t keep my hands off this beer.

Looking around for a competitor, I was forced to go to another liquor store to find a match. If I can get up on the soapbox for just a second, I can’t be the only person that loves a good sour. So why the F are there only like two sours at most stores!? Get with it retailers, work with the brewers out there and give us some options.

Okay, end of rant. I was eventually able to find a beer to matchup with the Boulevard Lime Gose when I found Tallgrass Brewing Company’s Blueberry Lemon-Ale Session Sour Ale. Kind of a mouthful, but let’s hope it tastes as good as it sounds.

HopDuel Survey

Better labelBoulevard Lime Gose
Better aromaTallgrass Blueberry Lemon-Ale
Better tasteTallgrass Blueberry Lemon-Ale
Better finishTallgrass Blueberry Lemon-Ale
WinnerTallgrass Blueberry Lemon-Ale

Tell us about it

For the first time since I’ve been dueling beers, a Boulevard offering has suffered a defeat. I feel we must honor this moment appropriately.

Congrats to Tallgrass Brewing Company for their craft of a truly spectacular sour. The aroma almost jumped out of the can and slapped me the moment I popped the top. The taste tingled slightly and played very nicely with the blueberry and lemon notes, and the finish was just the right amount of tart. Well done Tallgrass, bravo.

All this isn’t to say the Boulevard Lime Gose was a bad sour, in fact, I enjoyed drinking it. But this is what the Hopduel format is all about. On it’s own, I would have pegged the Lime Goase as a fantastic choice, but up against the Blueberry Lemon-Ale, it wasn’t quite up to the task of winning the duel.

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