My girlfriend’s spirit animal is the elephant. Nearly every decoration in her place is elephant themed, in a very tasteful manner. So when I saw that beautiful can of Odell Brewing Co’s Tree Shaker Peach IPA, with an overly aggressive elephant shaking down a peach tree, I knew I couldn’t pass it up.

Up against it, I grabbed a Juicy Haze IPA from New Belgium. Both of these are new beers to me, so I’m going into this one without any preconceived notions of which beer I want to come out on top. Let’s see how it went.

HopDuel Survey

Better labelOdell Brewing Co. Tree Shaker
Better aromaNew Belgium VooDoo Ranger Juicy Haze
Better tasteNew Belgium VooDoo Ranger Juicy Haze
Better finishNew Belgium VooDoo Ranger Juicy Haze
WinnerNew Belgium VooDoo Ranger Juicy Haze

Tell us about it

Based on the previously mentioned affinity for the label, I was rooting for the Odell Brewing Co’s Tree Shaker, but alas, it wasn’t meant to be. The New Belgium VooDoo Ranger took every category that really matters to me. From it’s hazy-colored pour to it’s bright citrus aroma, on down to the pleasantly drinkable bitter finish, this beer delivered the goods. I found both beers to be enjoyable drinks, but the VooDoo Ranger was just a hair better in each category after the label, so it walks away with the victory.

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