Berry flavored beers aren’t my typical go-to, but I’ve been enjoying Boulevard Brewing so much lately that when I saw their Jam Band Berry Ale offering I had to give it a try.

Up against it we have Abita Brewing’s Purple Haze Raspberry Lager. On the one hand we have lager vs. ale, but on the other, these are both distinctly fruit beers and will be classified as such. Lets see how it went.

HopDuel Survey

Better labelAbita Brewing Purple Haze
Better aromaBoulevard Brewing Jam Band
Better tasteBoulevard Brewing Jam Band
Better finishBoulevard Brewing Jam Band
WinnerBoulevard Brewing Jam Band

Tell us about it

Boulevard Brewing comes out on top again! The thing I don’t like about fruit beers is, well, all the fruit. I don’t want to be slapped in the face with a fruit salad. I’d like to still know I’m drinking a beer and the fruit should subtly stand out in the beers aroma, palate and finish. Boulevard accomplished all of that and more, where Abita’s Purple Haze had a skunkiness that really turned me off. I haven’t finished it yet, just decided to move on to a better offering.

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