Most of my time at the local liquor store is spent scouring the craft beer aisle, but from time to time I make my way over to the import section to see if there’s anything worth checking out. This past Thursday was one such occasion. Looking over the IPA offering, I found Guinness’ Nitro IPA and decided, yes please!

For the duel pairing, I was looking for something unique that I hadn’t tried before, and when I laid eyes on the Doory County Brewing Pallet Jack I couldn’t resist. Described as a “crushable” IPA with Citra & Azacca Hops, I’m hoping for a unique flavor with this one. So how’d we do?

HopDuel Survey

Better labelGuinness Nitro IPA
Better aromaDoor County Brewing Pallet Jack
Better tasteDoor County Brewing Pallet Jack
Better finishGuinness Nitro IPA
WinnerGuinness Nitro IPA

Tell us about it

As I sit here and type, I’m still debating the outcome of this one. Each beer offered a unique twist on what I’d normally expect from an IPA. The Guinness Nitro presented a creamy texture and oddly smooth, satisfying finish. The Door County Pallet Jack IPA a fresh, crisp aroma with a genuinely crushable taste to the palate, as they promised.

You can’t go wrong with either of these, I’m very curious where each beer will rank over time. I’d definitely recommend you try them both and share your thoughts.

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