For this one, I’ve set Warpigs up with Stevens Point brewery. Most people would probably assume these beers aren’t on the same level, but I say let’s give an adjunct a chance. Many people swear by it, and they can’t all be wrong…right?

To me, this is the kind of argument settling duel I want to see on this site. So I’m hoping for similar duels down the line.

HopDuel Survey

Better labelWarpigs Salmon Pants
Better aromaWarpigs Salmon Pants
Better tasteWarpigs Salmon Pants
Better finishWarpigs Salmon Pants
WinnerWarpigs Salmon Pants

Tell us about it

Just as most assumed, Warpigs Salmon Pants came out on top in this one, and it wasn’t very close. With a flavor packed, hoppy offering, Salmon Pants was just too much for the Point Special to compete with. No upset here, but it’s certainly possible a different person comes to a different opinion. Don’t let other people tell you what to drink, let your taste buds decide!

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