In this match, we have a brewer that’s fared well in previous duels putting forth another contender in a different category, as Boulevard Brewing submits their Whiskey Barrel Stout. After devouring several Boulevard Bourbon Barrel Quad’s in the past, I came across this brew and couldn’t pass it up.

Going up against it, I settled on Left Hand Brewing’s Milk Stout Nitro. I’ve had a number of nitro beers before, but I always wondered what made them special. So I asked my good friend Google to do a little research for me. Essentially, nitrogen replaces CO2 in the bottling process, supposedly leading to smaller bubbles, along with a smoother and creamier experience. Now that you’re all hot and bothered, let’s get onto this creamy experience!

HopDuel Survey

1. Which beer has better packaging?

Left Hand Milk Stout Nitro

2. Which beer has a better aroma?

Boulevard Whiskey Barrel Stout

3. Which beer works better with your taste palate?

Boulevard Whiskey Barrel Stout

4. Which beer has a better finishing flavor?

Boulevard Whiskey Barrel Stout

5. Which beer won the duel?

Boulevard Whiskey Barrel Stout

Tell us about it

As it turns out, the creamy experience the nitro promised actually materialized in the Boulevard Whiskey Barrel Stout! Other than packaging, it was a clean sweep for Boulevard’s offering. Packed with flavor, and an aroma I’d like to use as cologne, it was just too much for the Left Hand Brewing’s Milk Stout Nitro to handle. I have a feeling both of these will fare well in the Stout category going forward, but it was clear Boulevard had a superior offering.

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