This past weekend while out to dinner at Camino, in Milwaukee’s third ward, I scanned the beer menu and stumbled across a couple Porters that looked like a good pairing.

Karben4 Brewing is located in Madison, WI, and although I’ve heard great things about their beer I can’t say I’ve ever had one. So I was pleased to see this on the menu, and gladly ordered it first. The other Porter I chose was Third Space’s Mocha Java. Let’s see how they faired against each another.

HopDuel Survey

1. Which beer has better packaging?

Karben4 Night Call

2. Which beer has a better aroma?

Third Space Mocha Java

3. Which beer works better with your taste palate?

Karben4 Night Call

4. Which beer has a better finishing flavor?

Karben4 Night Call

5. Which beer won the duel?

Karben4 Night Call

Tell us about it

I’m a huge fan of coffee flavored beers, so it says something about the Karben4 Night Call Smoked Porter that it won in a head to head duel with a coffee Porter. The artwork on the bottle is this cool retro vehicle dashboard scene, that made me think of a visual representation of Jimi Hendrix’ Purple Haze. The taste worked great with my palate, and the finish was surprisingly smooth for a dark brew.

The Third Space Mocha Java was great as well, but this site isn’t called HopTies, it’s called HopDuel, and in a head to head pairing there’s only one champion. Each of these should fair well in future duels, and I’ll be curious to see how they rate against others.

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