Other than virtually everything, nothing beats de-weeding the yard. Kidding aside, some people love yard work and those people are weird. If you couldn’t tell already, I’m not a huge fan. I don’t mind mowing the lawn or planting flowers from time to time. But pulling weeds is a giant pain in the a$$. To help me through this miserable occasion, I downloaded a podcast, popped the ear buds in and grabbed a couple beers to keep myself refreshed.

My choice of beers to aid my cause are a DTB Brown Ale from Pearl Street Brewery in La Crosse, WI, and an American Brown Ale from Boulevard Brewing’s Tasting Room series. The Boulevard American Brown has been featured in a duel, beating Fermentorium Never Frown American Brown, but this will be the first tour for DTB Brown Ale.

HopDuel Survey

Better labelBoulevard Brewing American Brown Ale
Better aromaPearl Street Brewery DTB Brown Ale
Better tasteBoulevard Brewing American Brown Ale
Better finishBoulevard Brewing American Brown Ale
WinnerBoulevard Brewing American Brown Ale

Tell us about it

Good Brown Ales from both sides here, and each category was closer than the results appear. I really enjoy the Brown Ale category, and don’t drink enough of them. Hints of caramel and chocolate, with medium intensity, these are great beers for a long afternoon working on your yard. In case you are wondering, the yard is looking great! At least until the weeds grow back in a couple weeks – anyone know a good landscaper?

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