I have been looking forward to getting Bell’s Two Hearted Ale into a duel for a long time. For many, it’s the quintessential beer. For others, they don’t understand the appeal. It’s been one of my favorite IPAs since I first tried it, and I wanted to line it up with some stiff competition to see if it lives up to my perception of it.

With that in mind, I grabbed a Double Dog from Flying Dog Brewing. I haven’t had this beer before, but I’ve been told that I need to try it. I love the this label, it’s just so raw and weird, you can’t help but grab the bottle and pull it close to get a better view. Let’s hope the taste matches the interesting artwork.

HopDuel Survey

Better labelFlying Dog Double Dog
Better aromaBell’s Two Hearted Ale
Better tasteFlying Dog Double Dog
Better finishBell’s Two Hearted Ale
WinnerBell’s Two Hearted Ale

Tell us about it

A strong effort from the Flying Dog Double Dog, but not quite enough to take the win away from Bell’s Two Hearted Ale. I’ve already raved about Double Dog’s label, so you probably knew which way I was going there. The up-front hop taste and complex flavor led to a win in the taste category. For a 12% ABV beer, I was surprised by it’s drinkability.

The Bell’s Two Hearted Ale really separated itself in the aroma and finish. A refreshing hoppiness with a light hint of the grapefruit used in the brewing process leads to a very palatable brew. The finish is bold IPA bitterness, but not so powerful that you don’t want to come back, a very nice balance. This is a beer I would gladly settle on for a long night in front of a fire amongst friends.

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