Last night, we went to go see one of my favorite bands, OK GO, at the beautiful Pabst Theater. They are best known for their music videos (Here It Goes Again, Needing/Getting, This Too Shall Pass), but their music is awesome in its own right. This show was one of the most unique and fun shows I’ve seen. They played their music live while having their music videos play on a screen behind them. They even performed the dance from A Million Ways while it played in the background! They engage the audience and talk to us like we are old friends. They even created an app so that we could participate in playing a song with them!! It is an understatement that I love this band. They are creative, kind, and care about their fans. Also, their music is awesome, and, having seen them live three times now, they always put on an incredible show.

While watching this awesome show, we also decided that we were going to enjoy some local beers. Lakefront Brewery is in the Brewer’s Hill neighborhood along the Milwaukee River. It’s a great place to come for a brewery tour, grab a drink, and have some food (seriously, the food is as delicious as the beer). Let’s see if the beers were as good as the show!

HopDuel Survey

Better labelRiverwest Stein
Better aromaEastside Dark
Better tasteRiverwest Stein
Better finishRiverwest Stein
WinnerRiverwest Stein

Tell us about it

I do like most of the beers I’ve had from Lakefront. Despite the chocolatey smell from the beer, there was something surprisingly acidic in the taste of the Eastside Dark that my tastebuds didn’t really enjoy. The Riverwest Stein was smooth, easy to drink, and flavorful. It was a nice accompaniment to this awesome show. I cannot wait for the band to come back!!

“I Won’t Let You Down” from the concert + the video linked below for your viewing pleasure!

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