Hello summer! I’m so glad you’re finally here. To celebrate summer and the end of the work week, we headed to City Lights Brewing Co, which is located in a building previously used to convert coal to gas and use as fuel meant to light the city’s gas lights. The buildings of the West Side Water Works campus are beautiful red brick, and a couple of them have been converted to the brewery. Another one houses an architectural firm’s office (confession: I peeked through the windows, and I wish I worked in that office space).

The indoor seating in this brewery is cozy and can seat a good number of people. Summer is not for indoors, though. It is for patios, and the patio here does not disappoint. It’s open and airy with great sight lines of the river and the other buildings that make up this campus. The food menu is also quite solid, and many of the options are cooked with beer directly from their menu. And really, we’re here for the beer. I’ve heard a lot of hype about the coconut porter, and a few of the other beers caught my eye, so a flight seemed like the best way to go.

Brewery Flight

1. Which beers did you try in the flight?

  • Brut Wheat Rose
  • Belgian Wit with Guava
  • Amber Ale
  • Nitro Coconut Porter

2. Which beer had the best aroma?

Brut Wheat Rose

3. Which beer works best with your taste palate?

Belgian Wit with Guava

4. Which beer has the best finishing flavor?

Belgian Wit with Guava

5. Rank the beers one (liked most) through four.

  1. Belgian Wit with Guava
  2. Brut Wheat Rose
  3. Coconut Porter
  4. Amber Ale

Tell us about it

Overall, these were really delicious. The guava in the Belgain Wit is subtle and has a beautiful finish. The Brut Rose was really interesting. It has a strawberry aroma with a tart finish, an excellent rose option. The Coconut Porter was a little much for me. It has a strong coconut aroma and taste, however, the beer seemed a little thin. The Amber was definitely not my jam. The taste was so so, but I did not like the finish. Again, not for me, but I’m sure that others would really enjoy it. I highly recommend coming down to this brewery to enjoy the brews, enjoy the food, and enjoy the views. I will definitely be back!

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