One of my favorite things to do is to go to specialty grocery stores to see the different foods and snacks and goods and wares. One of my favorites is Mitsuwa. Besides being a grocer, it has a bookstore, a food court, a skincare store, a video store, and a few sweets shops. It is also a good place to find different beers from East Asia (usually Japan). Some I have heard of, but there were a few that I’d not seen before (more posts to come!).

The Suiyoubi no Neko (Wednesday Cat) can was part of a variety pack that I picked up. It’s brewed in Japan which made me think that even though people don’t speak the same language, wanting to drink good beer is universal. Against this Belgian White is one of my go-to beers, Blue Moon’s Mango Wheat. Ready? Go!

HopDuel Survey

Better labelSuiyoubi no Neko
Better aromaMango Wheat
Better taste Suiyoubi no Neko
Better finish Suiyoubi no Neko
Winner Suiyoubi no Neko

Tell us about it

Don’t let the category winners deceive you. These are both delicious beers and are worth taking with you to a beach day. I enjoyed the mango taste of the Blue Moon, but there was something about the creamy taste and finish of the Wednesday Cat that put it over the top for me. It has a smooth, light taste and is so easy to drink. I’m am looking forward to more brews from this brewery.

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