Mint, ginger and lime aren’t flavors you typically associate with beer. When I read the description on Avery Brewing’s Bug Zapper and found those flavors were combined in it, I was mildly intrigued but set the can down and walked on down the aisle. However, it stuck in my head just long enough to come back and throw it into my last slot of the custom six pack I’d been building. Needless to say, I wasn’t jumping at the opportunity to try this beer, but in the spirit of new experiences, I figured what the h¢ll.

Up against the Bug Zapper, I have Hopewell Brewing’s Fun Punch Tropical Sour. The Fun Punch has appeared in a duel before, defeating Lagunitas Dark Swan in a battle that was eloquently described as “nothing to get crazy about.” Let’s hope this one is a little more interesting.

HopDuel Survey

Better labelAvery Brewing Bug Zapper
Better aromaAvery Brewing Bug Zapper
Better tasteHopewell Brewing Fun Punch
Better finishHopewell Brewing Fun Punch
WinnerHopewell Brewing Fun Punch

Tell us about it

So it turns out mint, ginger and lime don’t make for a fantastic beer. I shouldn’t be overly critical here, because there are probably people out there that would really enjoy this one, but I’d describe it as that just brushed your teeth and started drinking a beer feeling. The Bug Zapper has a truly unique, powerful minty aroma that I didn’t mind on the nose. From there…well, let’s just say I won’t be grabbing another Bug Zapper anytime soon. Nice try Avery, but this one isn’t for me. The Hopewell Fun Punch wins almost by default here. I’m not in love with this beer, but it’s not all bad and has come away with a couple wins now.

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