I’ve been working on Lift Bridge’s Juice-Z since last weekend. It’s been featured in another duel (link), defeating MKE Brewing’s Hop Freak. According to Lift Bridge’s site, the Juice-Z is described as “A monstrous blend of fruit-forward hops is balanced out with golden malt, wheat and oats. Forget the bitter aftertaste – this New England Style IPA is smooth, citrusy ray of tropical sunshine in an otherwise chaotic world.” So it takes it’s undefeated record into this duel with Sierra Nevada’s Hop Solo, who currently sits at 0-1 after a close loss to Boulevard’s DDH Citra (link).

Per Sierra Nevada’s website, “Here’s to the lone wolves, the misfits, the outsiders—those who prefer to stand on their own. Hop Solo IPA is brewed start to finish with only Crystal hops, allowing their spicy, woodsy, one-of-a-kind character to shine through.” I guess we’ll find out if the crystal hops and woodsy character stand up to the juicy blend from Lift Bridge.

HopDuel Survey

Better labelLift Bridge Juice-Z
Better aromaLift Bridge Juice-Z
Better tasteLift Bridge Juice-Z
Better finishLift Bridge Juice-Z
WinnerLift Bridge Juice-Z

Tell us about it

I actually really like Sierra Nevada’s Hop Solo. This should demonstrate the quality of Lift Bridge’s Juice-Z! The lacing was solid on both sides of this duel, clinging nicely to the glass throughout the drinking process. Color doesn’t always factor into a duel, but the juicy haze of the Juice-Z makes my mouth water. It’s flavor is so bright, crisp, and inviting, the pint glass is empty before you know it. This beer is outstanding.

The Hop Solo is a solid, more traditional IPA, with a good mix of pine & hop flavor. It’s an easy drinker, smooth top to bottom, but lacks the complexity shown by its competition in this one.

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