It’s #WiBeerWednesday, which means two Wisconsin-based brewers will be featured in todays duel. I’ve been working my way through the lineup of Lakefront Brewery beers these last few weeks. Being one of the more popular brewers in Wisconsin (especially in Milwaukee), they make a number of different beers people truly love. One of their most loved beers is a red IPA called Fixed Gear, which has fallen into my pint glass for today’s duel. Lakefront has done an excellent job describing the beer on it’s page on their website, but here’s a little excerpt: “The energy and audacity of the fixed gear courier inspired us to create Fixed Gear™, a big, bold American Red IPA. It pours a glaring crimson tone with a rocky white head and a brilliant floral-citrus aroma, thanks to an aggressive Centennial, Cascade, and Chinook dry hopping.”

Up against the Fixed Gear, I chose a brewer out of Madison, WI in Ale Asylum. I haven’t had many Ale Asylum beers, including the one I’ve got queued up for today’s duel, an IPA known as Plush Crush. I’m always interested in trying a beer for the first time, so let’s see how this one went.

HopDuel Survey

Better labelLakefront Fixed Gear
Better aromaAle Asylum Plush Crush
Better tasteAle Asylum Plush Crush
Better finishLakefront Fixed Gear
WinnerLakefront Fixed Gear

Tell us about it

This was a close one, and I really enjoyed both of these beers. I loved the aroma and upfront hop explosion of the Ale Asylum Plush Crush, but there’s too little finish for what starts off as a fantastic IPA. The spice mix presented in Lakefront’s Fixed Gear works wonders with my palate. The beers uses tamarind, coriander, and cardamom and blends it with gobs of dark caramel malt to create a very unique taste. I’d recommend trying both of these and figuring this one out for yourself, but for me, the Fixed Gear wins the day.

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