Like many others out there, I’m a huge Star Wars nut, and today happens to be May 4th, a day that has become synonymous with Star Wars. In fact, as of yesterday, the state of California has officially declared May 4th “Star Wars” day. I’m sure we aren’t far from this being declared a national holiday since our politicians are always looking for another reason to get off work.

In honor of this glorious holiday, I present you with a duel featuring Dogfish Head’s Flesh & Blood IPA and Fair State Co-Op’s IPA. I haven’t tried either of these before, but it looks like they put a smile on C-3PO’s face!

HopDuel Survey

Better labelFair State Co-Op IPA
Better aromaDogfish Head Flesh & Blood
Better tasteDogfish Head Flesh & Blood
Better finishFair State Co-Op IPA
WinnerFair State Co-Op IPA

Tell us about it

This was a really close one, and I enjoyed both of these beers immensely. The Flesh & Blood has a bright citrus, blood orange flavor with a hint of lemon. It’s a solid combination of all the ingredients, but the flavor quickly evaporates from your palate. The Fair State Co-Op IPA, on the other hand, lingers well after the finish, leaving you with a great taste on your buds. There’s minimal bitterness with either beer, so both could be considered crushable (if you’re into such terms). I’d recommend trying both of them and deciding for yourself which one you liked more. May the 4th be with you!

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