I have been a fan of Bell’s Oberon for a very long time. It’s one of the beers I’d always pick if I saw it on the menu at dinner, and it reminds me of good times in the summer sun. So I’m pleased to be able to get it into a few duels recently to test my impressions. Because I have such an affinity to Oberon, I decided this was another duel I needed to try blind.

As the opponent in today’s duel, I chose Revolution Brewing’s Sun Crusher. I thought the idea of these beers were pretty similar. Summertime, citrusy wheats with solid drinkability. Hell, even the can designs have similar color palates and feature a sun. So let’s see how they did against one another.

HopDuel Survey

Better labelRevolution Sun Crusher
Better aromaRevolution Sun Crusher
Better tasteBell’s Oberon
Better finishRevolution Sun Crusher
WinnerRevolution Sun Crusher

Tell us about it

I was surprised that in my blind testing I chose the Sun Crusher for as many things as I did. It has a more powerful aroma, which left a strong impression with me. The taste has a hint of grapefruit which leads to a tart hop flavor that combines well with the other ingredients. It’s a bold wheat beer, but still very drinkable (aka crushable).

The Bell’s Oberon was still awesome, it just didn’t hold up against the competition in a few of these categories. It’s aroma is subdued and sweet, a very nice smell, but slightly overpowered by it’s competition. You can’t go wrong with either of these beers, and if you’re headed for a lazy day at the beach anytime soon, I’d recommend bringing them both and tasting the difference for yourself!

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