Another matchup from variety packs of Boulevard and Sierra Nevada beers leads us to the Side Car Orange IPA and DDH Citra IPA facing off. The DDH Citra has fared well on HopDuel thus far, going 1-1, while the Side Car enters its first duel in what’s bound to be many more to come.

As far as labels go, neither really blew me away. As part of their tasting series, Boulevard’s DDH Citra displays a basic tasting room label. I’ve assumed this is an indication that this beer isn’t quite ready for primetime. The Side Car utilizes an interesting font that reminds me of the Great Gatsby in it’s retro lines and geometric feel. There really isn’t much more to write home about here, so let’s just get into it.

HopDuel Survey

Better labelSierra Nevada Side Car
Better aromaBoulevard DDH Citra
Better tasteSierra Nevada Side Car
Better finishBoulevard DDH Citra
WinnerBoulevard DDH Citra

Tell us about it

I think I could sit here and drink six Side Cars without batting an eye. It’s a very drinkable beer; pleasant citrus aroma, light orange taste with hardly any bitterness in the finish. If there were such a thing, you could almost call this a light IPA, and the term sessionable comes to mind.

Unfortunately, these aren’t things I typically crave in a beer. The Boulevard DDH Citra had more to offer in aroma and overall flavor. It’s bold, hoppy finish stood apart from the Side Car and led to the win.

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