I thought the Lagunitas Dark Swan Sour Ale looked very interesting. According to Lagunitas, it’s described as a “sour ale fermented with dark red wine grapes. There just really isn’t anything else like the Dark Swan… it’s a dark purple hybrid ale the takes our house yeast and feeds it some Petite Sirah grapes to munch on. It’s smooth, slightly sour, and superbly strange.” With a lead-in like that, how could anyone not want to give this beer a try?

Up against the Dark Swan, I have Hopewell Brewing’s Fun Punch Tropical Sour. Hopewell is a brewer out of the Chicago area that I haven’t tried before, so it’s a couple newbies going up against each other.

HopDuel Survey

Better labelHopewell Fun Punch
Better aromaLagunitas Dark Swan
Better tasteLagunitas Dark Swan
Better finishHopewell Fun Punch
WinnerHopewell Fun Punch

Tell us about it

Some interesting flavors being tossed around between these two sours. I’m giving the win to the Hopewell Fun Punch because I appreciated the light mango & pineapple flavor that crept it’s way into the taste and finish. The Lagunitas Dark Swan was interesting, but more out of curiosity than love for the flavor. The color was deep purple, which looked very different from the other sours I’d tried. Overall, decent beers, but nothing to get crazy about here.

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