While at the Brewers/Dodgers game the other night, we decided to try a couple craft beers from the Local Brews Wisconsin Drafts station inside Miller Park (or AmFam Field, if you were born yesterday). While I was pleased to see such a thing even exists inside a sports stadium, I wasn’t in love with the selection they had going that night. Since beggars can’t be choosers, we grabbed a Blü Bobber from Fox River Brewing and a Honey Blonde from Central Waters. I snapped a couple shots of the stand & menu to help illustrate the experience.

HopDuel Survey

Better label Central Waters Honey Blonde
Better aroma Fox River Blü Bobber
Better taste Fox River Blü Bobber
Better finish Fox River Blü Bobber
Winner Fox River Blü Bobber

Tell us about it

First things first, I wasn’t in love with either of these beers. I found the Honey Blonde mostly flavorless, and the Blü Bobber won the majority of the categories due to an extreme lack of competition. There were fresh blueberries placed into the Blü Bobber which is a first for me. It’s a blueberry flavored beer, so I definitely understand the reasons behind the addition, but it looks really weird when they hand you a beer with a bunch of cr*p floating at the top. Since there wasn’t much to write about in this duel, I’m not going to bother with an elaborate recap, but the beer-soaked blueberries did taste good when we ate them after we finished the brew.

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