Prost Brewing (link) is out of Denver, Colorado. A visit to their website points out a couple interesting things about them; they present themselves as an authentic German brewer, and they have gone through a rebrand with their beer. This makes me wonder how long the Weissbier I’ve chosen for this duel has been sitting on the shelves at the store I purchased it.

Boulevard’s Unfiltered Wheat will run up against the Wiessbier in this one. Boulevard has become of staple of these duels over the last few weeks, mostly because they offer a great variety of beer and usually put a strong effort into whichever category they enter. Let’s see how this one played out.

HopDuel Survey

Better labelBoulevard Unfiltered Wheat
Better aromaProst Weissbier
Better tasteProst Weissbier
Better finishProst Weissbier
WinnerProst Weissbier

Tell us about it

I’m sad to say that I wasn’t pleased with the Boulevard Unfiltered Wheat in this one. In comparison to the Prost Weissbier, the aroma of the Unfiltered Wheat was almost non-existent. The same could be said for the taste and finish. Overall, it was a surprisingly bland beer from a brewer that hasn’t let me down before now.

As for the Prost Weissbier, it showed well in the results, but results aren’t everything. True to their advertising, the beer has a very German flavor to it. However, I wasn’t in love with this beer, and I think the victories shown here are a factor of weak competition. I’m know both brewers are capable of more, so I won’t bat an eye at trying another of their beers, but this one didn’t do much for me.

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