It’s tax day! Or wait, 😦 it’s tax day. I wasn’t sure how to celebrate this occasion. The one thing I could come up with, as an appropriate way to honor it, was to drink some very heavy beer and try to forget how the government is bound to p!ss away my hard earned money. But this isn’t a site about politics, this is a site about beer (yay!), so let’s move on.

This is the kind of duel this site was made for. A true icon in the beer industry in Guinness Extra Stout up against a legendary craft offering from Founders Brewing in KBS. You know them, you love them. There isn’t a word I could say about this duel that would make it more impressive than the beer itself, so let’s just get right to it.

HopDuel Survey

Better labelGuinness Extra Stout
Better aromaFounders Brewing KBS
Better tasteFounders Brewing KBS
Better finishFounders Brewing KBS
WinnerFounders Brewing KBS

Tell us about it

Another solid showing from KBS, while going up against very stiff competition. I was close to giving the Guinness Extra Stout the aroma category, but after about three minutes of whiffing back and forth, I had to give it to KBS because that boozy barrel aroma is just too much to ignore. The taste and finish are heavy chocolate and coffee, and I’m not sure there’s a better combination of these ingredients in the beer industry. While visiting the Founders site, I stumbled on this interesting video about their brewing process for KBS:

The Guinness Extra Stout was also fantastic, per usual. The rich creaminess to the Extra Stout has always appealed to me, and it didn’t let me down in this duel. But in the end the KBS was too much for the Extra Stout to handle.

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