On the one hand, it’s April and we’re less than a week removed from beautiful 70 degree weather. On the other hand, it’s Wisconsin and the weather here tends to tell you to go fcuk yourself as often as it invites you outside to play. Luckily, in honor of the white-out we’re experiencing right now, I thought ahead and picked a couple of white beers to celebrate the occasion.

For today’s duel, we have a couple brewers that have been making craft beer fans happy for years. Dogfish Head presents it’s Namaste White, a Belgian-styled witbier, and Three Floyds offers up it’s Gumballhead, an American Wheat. The Belgian-style witbier is similar enough in style to either stick in it’s own Belgian-style category or crossover into the wheat beer category, which the Namaste will be doing for the purpose of this duel. Let’s see how this one played out.

HopDuel Survey

Better labelThree Floyds Gumballhead
Better aromaThree Floyds Gumballhead
Better tasteDogfish Head Namaste White
Better finishDogfish Head Namaste White
WinnerDogfish Head Namaste White

Tell us about it

What a great duel! Two very different flavor profiles; the Namaste featuring orange peel, lemongrass and coriander, while the Gumballhead makes a stronger use of lemon and what I suspect might be pineapple or melon. Both were smooth, sessionable drinks that made me forget about the blizzard-like conditions outside. What really separated the Dogfish Head Namaste was the finish. For several seconds after you gulp it down, you can taste the orange peels on your palate. You can even smell it in the exhaled breath from your nostrils. I really enjoyed both beers and I’d love to see what others think of this pairing.

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