As promised in a recent post, I’ve been working my way back to the Scotch Ale category more often. For this duel we’ve got a brewer from Madison, WI in Great Dane Brewing paired against a brewer from Kalamazoo, MI in Arcadia Brewing. For those that may not be aware, Wisconsin and Michigan are neighbors, and we tend to lean into every rivalry from sports to cheese, and now beer.

Speaking of Wisconsin/Michigan sports rivalries, my Milwaukee Bucks will be starting their playoff journey against none other than the Detroit Pistons this coming Sunday. I’m hoping for a long road to the finals for the Bucks as they’re having the best season in my lifetime, and secured the number one seed in the Eastern Conference. Cheers to Giannis, Khris, Bledsoe and the rest of the team! Now back to the duel.

HopDuel Survey

Better label Great Dane Brewing Scotch Ale
Better aroma Great Dane Brewing Scotch Ale
Better taste Great Dane Brewing Scotch Ale
Better finish Arcadia Brewing Loch Down
Winner Great Dane Brewing Scotch Ale

Tell us about it

The introduction to the duel may lead you to believe I have a bias, but let me promise you this; I’m an impartial judge of beer. The results here show a superior offering from Great Dane Brewing. Also known as “Stone of Scone” the Great Dane Scotch Ale was a nice blend of chocolate and caramel, with a fresh barrel aged odor. Surprisingly the Arcadia took the finish, but that’s all it could muster in this one and it wasn’t enough to take the win.

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