These are different flavor profiles that I’m choosing to duel. One is herby, and the other is fruity. Both are flavors I assoicate with summer, and after an April snow storm (thanks but no thanks Mother Nature), I really hope spring is actually coming soon. I’m ready to have a refreshing drink on a patio somewhere, and maybe one of these two might join me.

HopDuel Survey

Better label Fido
Better aroma Basil Mint
Better taste Basil Mint
Better finish Fido
Winner Basil Mint

Tell us about it

This was a challenging duel for me! As I expected, these were definitely two very different flavor profiles. The basil is really forward which is nice, but the after taste of more basil was a little too much for me. The Fido is beautiful and fruity, and the after taste to me has more raspberry than grapefruit. Both of these are very easy beers to drink, and separately, I would enjoy them on their own. Because I had them together, I think the Basil Mint edges out Fido because of the smooth and fresh experience from start to finish (even with the basil after taste).

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