I keep circling back to the IPA. There’s little doubt it’s my favorite category. I was so impressed with the Octopi IPA #2 I (reviewed recently) that I wanted to try another one of their beers. With that in mind, I grabbed the HopRocket last night. I raved about it for the IPA #2 as well, but this can design is phenomenal. A drop of color explodes downward, interrupting a pristine white field. In order to get these vibrant colors, Octopi seems to have gone with a shrink-wrapped label that offers a wider color range during the printing process. I’d be curious to know more about this label printing method, because the can is cool AF and I could see a lot of brewers switching to it soon.

Up against the HopRocket, I grabbed a Sierra Nevada Tropical Torpedo IPA. Sierra Nevada Brewing brings back memories, as it was one of my favorite brewers when I first started enjoying beer. I’ve moved on to others as the craft beer movement boomed in recent years, but seeing a Sierra Nevada on the shelf always tempts me.

HopDuel Survey

Better labelOctopi Brewing HopRocket
Better aromaOctopi Brewing HopRocket
Better tasteOctopi Brewing HopRocket
Better finishOctopi Brewing HopRocket
WinnerOctopi Brewing HopRocket

Tell us about it

Just like the IPA #2, I found the Octopi HopRocket to be fantastic! A hazy golden pour, a bitter yet citrusy nose, and a creamy, almost tropical taste with a very smooth finish. I was surprised that the bitterness I felt in the aroma did not find it’s way to the finish, and this lead to a light but complex beer.

To my dismay, the Sierra Nevada Tropical Torpedo was a little on the bland side. There wasn’t anything unexpected about this beer, just a straight forward citrus IPA with the bright notes of pineapple and coconut. Not a bad beer, but not enough to topple the HopRocket in this one.

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