Yes, I picked up some pretty cans! The Odell label makes me think of spring, with the singing birds and blooming flowers. The swirls on the Indeed can remind my boyfriend of a Bob Dylan poster (below), but it makes me think of Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night. I can see either of these as art I would be proud to display in my home. I know I have higher expectations of a beer when the artwork is this impressive, and I’m ready to dive in!

HopDuel Survey

Better labelLucy
Better aromaSippin’ Pretty
Better tasteLucy
Better finishLucy

Tell us about it

This was a tough duel. They both deliver on sour and refreshing taste. The Odell has a grapefruit flavor which sort of leaves a little bitterness in the finish and the Indeed had notes of pineapple which linger in the finish. The pineapple is what helped the Lucy edge out the Sippin’ Pretty for me, but I can tell you that I drank almost all of both of these before I could reach a decision. I was surprised at how much the artwork contributed to my experience in drinking these beers. I don’t mean that it made me like them more, but I think the cans created an atmosphere that made me feel more mindful of my drinking experience.

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