The ale cuts many different ways. There are straight up pale ale’s (which this duel falls under), India pale ales, strong ales, amber ales, brown ales, Scottish style ales, and probably a half dozen other subclasses of these categories. It’s a fan favorite, and one of the most toyed with sections of the craft brewing world. I’m sure if you ask every brewer out there, what’s your favorite class of beer to mess ’round with, they’d pick the ale second to none. So it comes as no surprise that the bulk of the duels so far on the site have been some form of ale.

Adding to the pile of ales is tonights duel of Whiner Beer’s Hell Kitty Kitty and 3 Sheeps Brewing’s Fresh Coast. Do yourself a favor and visit Whiner’s Hell Kitty Kitty page. The animations on the site, paired with the artistry on the can are very fun to check out.

HopDuel Survey

Better labelWhiner Beer Hell Kitty Kitty
Better aromaWhiner Beer Hell Kitty Kitty
Better taste3 Sheeps Brewing Fresh Coast
Better finish3 Sheeps Brewing Fresh Coast
Winner3 Sheeps Brewing Fresh Coast

Tell us about it

The Hell Kitty Kitty locked me into the label category after I visited their site and saw the cool animations, and the aroma was very solid, described as a mix of passion fruits and citrus. That’s when the 3 Sheeps Brewing’s Fresh Coast took over. It’s aroma is tropical with a juicy citrus. From there it takes you on a lightly hopped excursion with a hint of spice. It’s refreshing, the kind of beer you’d like to drink all day while hanging out at the beach. As I type that, I check my phone to realize it’s only 38°F right now. When does summer start again?

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