It’s been a minute since I’ve enjoyed the complex taste of a Scotch Ale. This is one of my favorite beer categories so I’m almost embarrassed to say I haven’t had one in a couple months. Luckily I’ve got a pair of good samples to try today in Great Divide’s Claymore and Oskar Blues Old Chub. These are two brewers from the Colorado area that I’m quite familiar with, having tried a number of their beers in the past. However, I haven’t had either of these specific ales before so I’ve been looking forward to this one.

HopDuel Survey

Better labelGreat Divide Brewing Claymore
Better aromaOskar Blues Brewery Old Chub
Better tasteOskar Blues Brewery Old Chub
Better finishOskar Blues Brewery Old Chub
WinnerOskar Blues Brewery Old Chub

Tell us about it

I really enjoyed the tartan patterning in the background of the Claymore can, it represented the category well and won the label portion of the duel because of it. But that’s where the victories halted for the Great Divide offering.

The Oskar Blues Brewery’s Old Chub aroma presents hints of toffee and dark fruits, the taste is an oddly sweet mix of oak and cherry with a creaminess to it. I really enjoyed this Scotch Ale and definitely think it will fare well in the category down the road.

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