For this sour duel, we’ve got a couple brewers from Colorado. I’ve been getting more and more into sours lately. Their flavor is just so different from what you normally experience in a beer, and I’m all about getting into that strange. After trying a number of them over the past several months, I’d say I’m a little discouraged by what I’ve been trying thus far. I’m a huge fan of the sour flavor, but rarely do brewers pull it together in a beer that works with my palate.

That said, we’ve got Ska Brewing’s Pink Vapor Stew sour ale and Avery Brewing’s El Gose German-style sour ale against each other tonight. I’m hoping these two brewers step up my impression of the category so far.

HopDuel Survey

Better labelAvery Brewing El Gose
Better aromaSka Brewing Pink Vapor Stew
Better tasteAvery Brewing El Gose
Better finishAvery Brewing El Gose
WinnerAvery Brewing El Gose

Tell us about it

To my delight, I really enjoyed both of these sours. I was surprised to learn the Ska Pink Vapor Stew is brewed with a blend of apples, ginger, carrots & beets. They have somehow found a nice balance with these unique flavors and it led to a subtly mouth puckering flavor, and smoother finish than you’d expect from a sour.

For me, the Avery Brewing El Gose German-style sour ale was just a little more interesting in the taste and finish categories. The lime and sea salt are apparent in the aroma all the way through to the finish. I’ve had a number of sours that can’t find the right balance in these flavors, and leave you with a gut-rot feeling. Kind of like you may have had back in college after a night of too many pre-blended margaritas from the machine at the local dive. Bravo Avery, well done!

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