Today is Opening Day across MLB, and I will be meeting friends in a few minutes to tailgate in the shadows of Miller Park. I’ve been looking forward to this for weeks, and in my opinion, Opening Day should be a national holiday.

As my day is about to get started, I decided to pull a couple IPA’s out of the fridge for a quick duel. On hand I had Octopi Brewing’s IPA #2, and a DDH Citra IPA from Boulevard’s tasting room series. I picked the DDH Citra up a few weeks ago and had been looking forward to trying it, so I’m glad I finally had the opportunity to crack one open.

HopDuel Survey

Better labelOctopi IPA #2
Better aromaBoulevard DDH Citra IPA
Better tasteOctopi IPA #2
Better finishOctopi IPA #2
WinnerOctopi IPA #2

Tell us about it

Both of these beers are worthy of a purchase, and I’d be really curious what others thought about these two going up against one another. Personally, I think the Octopi IPA #2 just works better with my palate, but I was very impressed with the Boulevard DDH Citra and could see it being the preferred choice for others.

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