For anyone that enjoys a good cup of coffee, I’d highly recommend they try a coffee stout. Due to their thickness, it can be difficult to drink a number of them in one sitting, but it’s a great beer for when you just want something flavor packed to pair with dinner.

For this coffee stout duel, I landed on Avery Brewing’s Out of Mind and Whole Hog Brewing’s Cuppa Espresso. Whole Hog is a brewer from Steven’s Point, WI that I haven’t tried before, so I’m looking forward to seeing how one of their beers tastes.

HopDuel Survey

Better labelAvery Out of Mind Coffee Stout
Better aromaAvery Out of Mind Coffee Stout
Better tasteAvery Out of Mind Coffee Stout
Better finishWhole Hog Brewing Cuppa Espresso Stout
WinnerAvery Out of Mind Coffee Stout

Tell us about it

The Avery Brewing Out of Mind won this duel because it really did everything well. The label is a classic Avery design, aroma a dark/rich coffee blend, taste and finish smooth and delicious with hints of chocolate accompanying the rich coffee beans.

The Whole Hog Brewing Cuppa Espresso didn’t impress me much at first, but the finish really started to grow on me after I was through with about half the pint. It’s a solid offering, just not quite as impressive as the Avery Out of Mind.

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