Not going to lie, I definitely picked one of these beers because the name was Tacocat. Sour foods are some of my favorite. I like the burst of tartness. For me, the acidity from it gives the beer a sort of refreshing taste. I’ve had some pretty tasty sours before, and I am excited to try both of these.

This is my first time having beers from each of these breweries, and I’m hoping they’ll both deliver that mouth puckering sourness!

HopDuel Survey

Better labelFreedom of the Press
Better aromaTacocat
Better tasteFreedom of the Press
Better finishFreedom of the Press
WinnerFreedom of the Press

Tell us about it

So overall, sort of disappointed in the fact that neither was as sour as I was hoping. That being said, both are refreshing and have a smooth finish. The Freedom of the Press has a more tart taste with a berry after taste which is what ultimately won this one for me. I’m going to go get my sour fix with some Sour Patch Kids now.

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