Porters are always fun to drink. The dark roasted malt and chocolate flavors fill your nostrils along with your stomach. As I’ve been working through a variety pack of Boulevard beer, the Bully! Porter was the next beer to enter a duel. The blue backdrop and tuxedoed English bulldog on their label really stood out to me. I assume this is meant to pay homage to the fact that the beer is styled after the classic English Porter, but presented as an American Porter.

Up against the Bully!, I’ve got Anchor Brewing Company’s Porter. I’ve had this beer a number times in the past and always enjoyed it, so let’s see how it fairs in this match.

HopDuel Survey

Better label Boulevard Brewing Bully! Porter
Better aroma Anchor Brewing Porter
Better taste Anchor Brewing Porter
Better finish Anchor Brewing Porter
Winner Anchor Brewing Porter

Tell us about it

Each of these Porters were above average, but I found the Anchor Brewing Company’s Porter to be just a little bit better at everything beyond the label. The aroma packed a little more punch, the taste a little more malty and the finish slightly more appealing with it’s subtle blend of chocolate and toffee. One of the best things about the Anchor Porter is that it blends all of it’s flavors extremely well. The Bully! Porter wasn’t far behind, but Anchor clearly stood out as the superior option to me.

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