After all the duels to this point, I’m surprised I haven’t had a Sierra Nevada beer yet. Their Pale Ale was a go-to beer of mine for a time, and I always thought it was fantastic. So when I saw the Hazy Little Thing IPA, it was an easy choice for the first side of a duel.

Matching up against it, we’ve got O’so Brewing Company’s Hop Whoopin’ IPA. I wasn’t overly familiar with O’so prior to grabbing this beer, but a little research led me to find out it’s a Wisconsin based brewer, from a small town named Plover. Even after discovering that, I couldn’t tell you where Plover is. But in the end, that doesn’t matter as long as their beer tastes good!

HopDuel Survey

Better labelSierra Nevada Hazy Little Thing IPA
Better aromaSierra Nevada Hazy Little Thing IPA
Better tasteO’so Brewing Company Hop Whoopin’ IPA
Better finishO’so Brewing Company Hop Whoopin’ IPA
WinnerO’so Brewing Company Hop Whoopin’ IPA

Tell us about it

A pleasant surprise from the O’so Brewing Hop Whoopin’ IPA. I’ll admit there wasn’t anything overly special about these two beers, but the Hop Whoopin’ IPA presented a solid taste thru finish. It had a more potent IPA flavor than the Sierra Nevada Hazy Little Thing, which really lacked a punch.

Don’t expect either beer to blow anyone away with their originality, but both are solid choices if you’re an IPA fan and find them on a menu in the future.

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