As I sit here and type this post, it’s March madness opening weekend and my beloved Badgers are up early against Oregon in their first (hopefully not last) game of the tournament. Basketball and beer, I can’t think of a better pairing. Well, baseball and beer or football and beer are pretty damn good too. The common element there is beer, and I’m about to get nostrils deep in a couple IPA’s as I watch the game.

I recently stopped at Ray’s Wine & Spirits in Wauwatosa, WI and picked up Octopi Brewing’s IPA #2. Have to admit, this can is pretty awesome! There’s something really cool about the way they’ve used white space to produce a simple, elegant can design. But let’s hope it doesn’t taste like a #2.

Up against the Octopi #2 is 4Hands Brewing Co’s Incarnation IPA. One of the more interesting additions on this can is a suggested pairing: spicy food and grilled beef. I’d add basketball to that, but maybe that’s just me. Let’s see how she went.

HopDuel Survey

Better labelOctopi Brewing IPA #2
Better aromaOctopi Brewing IPA #2
Better tasteOctopi Brewing IPA #2
Better finishOctopi Brewing IPA #2
WinnerOctopi Brewing IPA #2

Tell us about it

Wow, an unexpected clean-sweep by the Octopi Brewing IPA #2. I’ve already mentioned my appreciation of the can design, and that was followed by a fantastic aroma, taste and finish leading to what might be one of my new favorite IPA’s. I’m glad I picked up a whole six pack of these instead of working it into a custom six, because I’m looking forward to seeing how this performs in other duels.

All that said, the 4Hands Brewing’s Incarnation IPA was pretty solid as well. The results are just a matter of my appreciation for the Octopi, rather than a dislike of the Incarnation. I could see it’s flavor combination working better with other people’s palates (you down with OPP?). I think these beers will both fare well in the category in future duels.

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