Like a magnetic force, my taste buds are pulled toward the IPA section every time I go beer shopping. Yesterday I found myself staring down so many IPA options I didn’t know which way to go.

This time around, I grabbed Victory Brewing’s Hop Devil and Goose Island Brewing’s Goose IPA. I haven’t had either of these before, so it’s a new set for me, which is always something I look forward to. Let’s see how the duel went.

HopDuel Survey

Better labelGoose Island Goose IPA
Better aromaGoose Island Goose IPA
Better tasteVictory Brewing Hop Devil
Better finishVictory Brewing Hop Devil
WinnerVictory Brewing Hop Devil

Tell us about it

As their name suggests, Victory Brewing’s Hop Devil came away with the win here. While I enjoyed the Goose IPA and it’s smooth citrus flavoring, it wasn’t enough to overcome the true IPA flavor of Victory’s Hop Devil. This is what IPA’s should taste like; bold, hoppy, full-bodied, and subtly bitter. Nothing about it blew me away, but I was satisfied by the combination of flavors that led to the win.

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