It’s sour time! I’ve had a number of Dogfish Head beers in the past, and always thought good things. So when I was looking for a couple sours and came across the Sea Quench Ale Session Sour, it was a no-brainer.

Up against the Sea Quench, I grabbed Mobcraft’s Low pHunk Sour Ale. Mobcraft is one of my favorite brewer’s in the Milwaukee area, so when I see them in stores it’s usually an easy decision.

HopDuel Survey

Better labelMobcraft Low pHunk Sour Ale
Better aromaMobcraft Low pHunk Sour Ale
Better tasteMobcraft Low pHunk Sour Ale
Better finishDogfish Head Sea Quench Ale Session Sour
WinnerMobcraft Low pHunk Sour Ale

Tell us about it

I honestly can’t say I loved either of these beers. The Mobcraft Low pHunk Sour Ale wins the duel, but only because the Dogfish Dead Sea Quench Ale Session Sour was truly terrible. I’ve had better sours across the board, but in the end someone has to win, right?

The lime juice flavor killed any chance the Sea Quench Ale had in this duel. Then there was the salt. I’m not sure if they’re going for a margarita flavor here, but whatever the aim, it’s a big miss. The Low pHunk isn’t a terrible brew, but a funky finish left me wanting more.

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