Once upon a time, I was a fledgling at drinking beer. During this time, I was still trying to discern what types of beer I liked to drink, and I had not yet developed a palate for the taste. I did know that I enjoyed a good cider, and when I felt overwhelmed by the lagers and pilsners and porters, I would find comfort in looking through ciders knowing I was likely to find something that was going to be a delicious drink.

Usually, restaurants carry only a handful of different ciders, and I’ve been really pleased with the expansion I’ve seen in recent years. I chose these two different ciders because they are ciders with a twist, one herbal and the other with some heat.

HopDuel Survey

Better labelStrawberry Hibiscus Rose
Better aromaStrawberry Hibiscus Rose
Better tasteEl Chavo
Better finishEl Chavo
WinnerStrawberry Hibiscus Rose

Tell us about it

This was a tough one for me! The Strawberry Hibiscus Rose made me feel really girly and fancy, and it was a refreshing with a smooth finish. On the other hand, El Chavo delivers with mango at the start and the pleasant burn of habenaro which made me feel like a tough guy. Ultimately, I am choosing the Strawberry Hibiscus Rose because though I really enjoyed the El Chavo, I would reach for a second Strawberry Hibiscus Rose…which I will be doing right now.

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