When I go out to have a drink, I find that I’m drawn to the stouts that the bar has available. I like reading the names, reading what the taste of the beer is like, and the way the brewery has worked to make their stout stand out. I have noticed more and more the addition of subtle fruit flavors to stouts, and while I can’t say I am always a fan, I will always try (because beer).

Both of these beers are from a brewery that I think has some seriously solid game. I can’t pronounce the name of the brewery correctly, yet, but it is one of my life goals. These beers made me feel like I was indulging my sweet tooth.

HopDuel Survey

Better labelNeopolitan Milk Stout
Better aromaNeopolitan Milk Stout
Better tasteBlueberry Maple Stout
Better finishBlueberry Maple Stout
WinnerBlueberry Maple Stout

Tell us about it

Both of these beers were pretty tasty. Strawberry was always the flavor that stood out most to me when I have had Neoplitan ice cream, so I was disappointed that though the aroma of strawberries was apparent, it was hard to find it when drinking the beer. That’s my bias, though. It *was* like having ice cream, and that was enjoyable. The Blueberry Maple finished better and left a nice taste in my mouth. I’m going to have to go find some strawberry ice cream now!

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