I call Milwaukee home. Milwaukee is also the home of industry icons Miller, Pabst, Schlitz & Blatz. I’m not sure there’s a city in America that’s done more for the beer industry than Milwaukee. But that, just like a HopDuel, is a matter of opinion. While none of these industry giants can be called craft breweries, they have paved the path for many of the smaller breweries that followed.

One of those breweries in my home town is Mobcraft. With a fantastic location in Milwaukee’s Walker’s Point neighborhood, Mobcraft draws heavy crowds, and their beer has always pushed boundaries. After dinner at another location in the area, we stopped in for a quick flight.

Brewery Flight

1. Which beers did you try in the flight?

  • Black Whale Sour Stout
  • Peanuttin’ Butter Chocolate Porter
  • Rhubarb IPA
  • Mango Tango IPA

2. Which beer had the best aroma?

Peanuttin’ Butter Chocolate Porter

3. Which beer works best with your taste palate?

Black Whale Sour Stout

4. Which beer has the best finishing flavor?

Black Whale Sour Stout

5. Rank the beers one (liked most) through five.

  1. Black Whale Sour Stout
  2. Peanuttin’ Butter Chocolate Porter
  3. Mango Tango IPA
  4. Rhubarb IPA

Tell us about it

Man alive, the Black Whale Sour Stout was delicious! In my experience, most stouts are dark and heavy with a rich flavor. The obvious twist here is the sour taste, with pleasant crisp aroma and smooth, drinkable finish. Damn good!

The Peanuttin’ Butter Chocolate Porter was just begging to be tried when I saw it on the menu. It’s as you’d probably expect, a rich peanut butter and chocolate flavor, not unlike drinking a Reese’s Peanut Butter cup. I’m not sure I could drink more than one of these in a sitting, but I enjoyed my 5 oz pour in this flight.

The two IPA’s were pleasant drinks, but other than their aroma, nothing really stood out about them. That’s not to say either were bad, more that they were what you’d expect from an IPA. Hoppy and enjoyable, with notes of Mango and Rhubarb as their names suggest.

All in all, another great visit to Mobcraft. If you haven’t been before, I’d recommend it next time you’re rolling through beer city.

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