I’ve sampled and enjoyed both the Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale and the Boulevard Bourbon Barrel Quad in the past, and recall thinking they were both incredible. I’m a huge bourbon barrel fan, so these are right in my palate’s wheelhouse.

This duel is exactly what this site is about. It’s easy to assign an individual beer an arbitrary ranking the day you’re drinking it. With the dueling format, you’re presented with the challenge of choosing one versus the other in a few key categories, then explaining your thoughts about them. Individually, both of these beers would rank very high for me in a star-rating system and before now I couldn’t tell you which one I enjoyed more. But when they are presented against each other it’s like Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome: two men enter, one man leaves!

HopDuel Survey

1. Which beer has better packaging?

Boulevard Bourbon Barrel Quad

2. Which beer has a better aroma?

Boulevard Bourbon Barrel Quad

3. Which beer works better with your taste palate?

Kentucy Bourbon Barrel Ale

4. Which beer has a better finishing flavor?

Boulevard Bourbon Barrel Quad

5. Which beer won the duel?

Boulevard Bourbon Barrel Quad

Tell us about it

This one went into overtime. The flavors presented in each ale are excellent, and I had a difficult time making a decision on any of the categories. In the end, Boulevard came out on top because its blend of dark ale and bourbon just works slightly better with my palate. You can’t go wrong with either choice, I’d highly recommend both products.

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